Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attempt #2.....

This is what I am TRYING to accomplish with this post:
1. A video or two of the Darling Dylan DeLuce
2. A picture or two of the Waldvogels (or Dylan) :)
3. A picture or two of my wonderful grandpa
4. Some sort of commentary to go along with each above mentioned item
.......Here it goes........

For Christmas my parents got Dylan this great high chair.  This was his first experience sitting in it. He was thrilled.....and maybe frustrated that all the toys would not jump into his mouth.

The following pictures are the 'Waldvogel Happenings' as of late! I love my family :)
 This picture goes without saying...Thank you Brads!
 Peanut butter and apples...and a great dad to paint on hair and eyebrows! Dylan loved this. He dug right into the peanut butter and within minutes he (and everything within 5 feet) was completely covered!
 Loves bathtime!
 Eddie got us tickets to the Car Show. This was one of our favorites!
 Dylan LOVES being up on dad's shoulders. He looks down so proudly!
In the past week he has mastered sitting up all by himself and loves it!

Most of you know that last month my sweet grandfather passed away.  It was such a bitter sweet experience.  He was 96 years old.  We miss him like crazy!! We were so blessed to be able to spend time with him before he passed.  I wish Dylan would be able to remember him.  I cry every time I look at these pictures. They are priceless!!
 This is such a GREAT picture!!!!!!
Great Grandpa - Grandpa - Grandson

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hate the Blogging World

Here is the is husband thinks it would be fun to have a blog (he might be right)......I have no idea how to blog.....I get SUPER frustrated when I want to try and do something and can't.....I want to try and blog, but I can't......this might be my only post. 
PS Dylan is extremely adorable and totally 'blog worthy'!

(This is Eddie right now, "Madison, you are an extremely smart person..blah are completely capable of blogging.....blah blah have a college degree......blah blah blah blah....)
My computer is about to go out the window!